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Inca era burial chamber discovered in a Peruvian house

Published: 23 Jun 2022 14:52 GMT

A group of archaeologists has found a burial chamber of the Inca times inside a house in reforms located in the district of San Juan de Lurigancho (Lima, Peru), local media reported Tuesday.

The archaeological works lasted for five days and counted on the participation of different specialists of the Ministry of Culture of the Andean country.

“We have found a burial chamber of more than four meters deep,” explained archaeologist Julio Abanto.” “Inside there were three funerary bundles, two of them multiple, that is to say, there was more than one individual,” he added.

Also, he indicated that inside the same ones they discovered the remains of human beings and a rich funeral trousseau, including discs and bracelets of silver and copper, which leads them to think that it could be a question of a wealthy family of the epoch.

“It’s kind of amazing”

“What we want is to be able to study these bodies, do the necropsy and DNA studies to determine their provenance and importance within the Ichma culture,” he continued. “We intend to request custody to make a more advanced investigation and an act of preservation,” he added.

Abanto assures that the area where the discovery has been carried out was part of a local curacazgo called Lurigancho, with capital in Mangomarca, which with the arrival of the Incas came to be used to administer the population that lived in the territory.

“It has been something that I did not expect, I did not know exactly what was there. From what Mr. Julio tells me about all these things, it is something amazing, isn’t it? I really don’t have words to describe it,” said Hipólito Tica, owner of the house. “Underneath this land there is a lot of history,” he concluded.

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