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Iconic Hong Kong floating restaurant 'rises' from its own sinking


Three days after the media announced the ‘shipwreck’ of the restaurant near the Paracel Islands in the South China Sea , the company that owns the ship, pointed out that it only capsized and that it is not completely submerged.

Hong Kong’s iconic Jumbo Floating Restaurant refuses to ‘die’ . The local veteran, which in the decades following its opening in 1976 received more than 30 million visitors, including the British queen Elizabeth II and the American actor Tom Cruise, was towed out of the city on June 14 due to the significant deterioration of its facilities.

Three days after the the media announced the sinking of the restaurant, which faced “adverse conditions” near the islands Paracelsus, in the South China Sea, the company that owns the ship, Aberdeen Restaurant Enterprises Ltd., stated that only capsized and that is not completely submerged, inform local media.

The cause of the confusion apparently stems from the company’s statement, which mentioned the depth of the water at the scene of the incident as the main obstacle to rescuing the restaurant.

In a parallel clarification, the director of the South Korean towage company responsible for moving the restaurant from the port of Hong Kong, detailed that the flotation tanks of Jumbo Floating Restaurant were still operating. In addition, the destination of the restaurant was revealed, which sailed to Cambodia before suffering the incident last Saturday.

Despite the magical salvation of the restaurant, its days seem to be numbered: the owner of the boat and the insurer plan to destroy the tanks so that the ship can sink in the sea.


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