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Germany will allow footballers of 'unspecified' gender to choose whether they want to play for a men's or women's team


The measure, which will apply from next season, is aimed at transgender, intersex and non-binary gender players.

The German Football Association (DFB) will allow transgender, intersex and gender non-binary players to choose whether they want to play for a men’s or women’s team starting next season, according to a release published this Thursday.

The text indicates that players with ‘diverse’ or ‘unspecified’ gender, transgender, as well as those who have been reassigned their gender they will be able to decide if they want to play in a men’s or women’s team.

In fact, it specifies that the people of that group who are taking medication will be able to continue practicing said sport as long as your health is not affected, since, according to the updated regulations, this would not be considered doping.

Since 2018 in Germany it is possible to select ‘miscellaneous’ when choosing the gender in the civil registry, which, the DFB maintains, also affects people who play football, which is why they have updated their regulations.

“Football represents diversity”

The statement ensures that all pe People should have the right to be able to practice this sport, detailing that the promotion of diversity, as well as the prevention and elimination of discrimination – especially on grounds of gender – form part of the values ​​of the DFB, as reflected in its statutes.

“Football stands for diversity, a value that the DFB also promotes,” said Thomas Hitzlsperger, Diversity Ambassador of the German Football Association. “This new rule on gaming rights will provide an important basis to allow players with diverse gender identities play football”, she added.

For her part, Sabine Mammitzsch, vice president of women’s football, welcomed the new rule, which will be part of the game regulations of the DFB, youth football and futsal in the amateur category.

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