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Gabriel Boric exige que a los expertos del nuevo proceso constituyente sean remunerados

Last Wednesday, December 14, Gabriel Boric, President of the Republic, spoke about the constituent process, after the president of the Chamber of Deputies, Vlado Mirosevic, stated that the work of will not be remunerated.

Faced with this, Boric used his social network, more precisely his official Twitter account, to express his opinion and indicated that this work should be remunerated according to his standards. “The remuneration of public service is an essential condition of democracy, otherwise it could only be exercised by the rich or those who have patrons. We will make sure of it,” said the president.

Vlado Mirosevic says that the experts were not going to be remunerated

It should be noted that, contrary to what Gabriel Boric said, the president of the Chamber informed on Tuesday from the Palacio de La Moneda that all the experts who join the new Magna Carta Commission “will not accept remuneration”. “These people have an unconditional commitment with the country and they are going to serve Chile in this instance”, he said.

In that line, Vlado Mirosevic added that the experts “are simply going to serve ad honorem to this task, which is a national task of State, and where we are sure that those remarkable people who have made their trajectory in an impeccable way in the last years”.

However, despite the confirmation of the President of the Chamber, the remuneration of the experts is not mentioned in the new agreement on constitutional procedures, so it can be inferred that they are paid, based on the contrary statements of President Gabriel Boric.


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