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Froilán, the nephew of the King of Spain, celebrates his birthday at a party that ends with five injured in a shooting


The young man was in a nightclub in Malaga, in the south of the country, where a clash between drug gangs apparently took place.

At least five injured is the balance of the shooting that occurred in a nightclub from Malaga, Spain, where Froilán de Marichalar, son of the Infanta Elena and nephew of King Felipe VI, was celebrating his 24th birthday.

The young man was with his friends at the Opium nightclub, one of the busiest places on the Marbella coast during the summer, when the brawl began it included shots and white weapons.

Videos of the stampede of people who left the place after hearing the shots were broadcast on social networks. The hypothesis handled by the local authorities is that it was an altercation between rival gangs of drug traffickers operating in the interior of the coast of Malaga.

An emergency call was what alerted the authorities to enter the premises and attend to the injured. At the moment, according to local press reports, the alleged perpetrator of the incident is in serious condition due to injuries to his head and chest, while two other injured people are in intensive care and the rest remain in hospital due to impacts from bullet.

Both Froilán and his group of friends were unharmed of the event, which is not the first to be recorded in the area. The accused of having started the confrontation has remained in police custody and is recovering from his injuries at the Costa del Sol Hospital.


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