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French Defense Minister reveals that they will train up to 2,000 Ukrainian soldiers


The training will last several weeks and will include three levels of training.

France will receive up to 2.000 Ukrainian military to train them in combat methods against Russia and the handling of weapons, according to French Defense Minister Sebastien Lecornu.

In statements to the newspaper Le Parisien on Saturday , the senior official stated that the training plan has been approved by President Emmanuel Macron.

Ukrainian soldiers will be assigned to French units for a course of several weeks in duration. The training will include three levels: the general combatant course, training in specific fields indicated by the Ukrainians, such as logistics, and a third level of management of the supplied military equipment.

“We do this according to the rules of the law, without being never in co-belligerence because we are not at war. We are helping a country that is at war”, declared the Minister of Defense.

Lecornu mentioned that his country had already provided the kyiv troops with training in the use of French howitzers Caesar, but this time the training will be on a different scale.

France has sent 18 Howitzers Caesar and is in process of talks on the supply of another six. Likewise, deliveries of ground-to-ground missiles are being considered, he said.

The minister also promised to send short-range anti-aircraft missiles to Ukraine Crotale in two months, when the soldiers complete the necessary training. The number of these systems is still “being defined with the Ukrainians,” Lecornu said, specifying that “it will be significant to allow them to defend their skies “.

On Wednesday, Macron told France 2 channel that his country will supply kyiv with anti-aircraft systems, radars and missiles, which will arrive “in the next few weeks”.

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