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Former UFC champion Caín Velásquez, arrested for attempted murder, sues the man he shot for sexually abusing his son


The exluchador sued the man and his family, owners of the nursery attended by the four-year-old boy.

Former UFC heavyweight champion Caín Velásquez, who is being held for attempted of murder, sued the man he tried to kill for allegedly sexually abusing his 4-year-old son at a daycare center from San Martin, California (USA).

The events would have occurred in the establishment that Harry Goularte, 43, operated with his mother and stepfather. According to the indictment, the owners there “fomented and maintained an environment” in which minors could be sexually abused and harassed, for which the three were sued for negligence and sexual assault, among other crimes.

Mark Geragos, Velásquez’s lawyer, maintained that the accused touched the former fighter’s son “a hundred times” and that other children were seen entering a bathroom with Goularte h child care.

After the lawsuit, the man was arrested, but two days later he was released. Ultimately, he was charged with lewd acts against a minor by the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office. Saint Clare. Although pleaded not guilty, will have to appear before the Justice again next September.

The gunshot attack

At the end of last February, Velásquez was arrested without bail for attempted murder after shoot the van in which Goularte was traveling with a 40-caliber semi-automatic pistol. In addition, he chased him through three cities in Silicon Valley and he collided with his own vehicle.

Due to the fact, the former champion of UFC heavyweight faces charges of attempted murder and multiple charges of assault with a firearm and will be brought to justice in August.


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