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First images of a rare black Canadian lynx (VIDEO)


This species of feline usually has silver or grayish fur in winter, which in summer can change to reddish brown dotted with black spots.

A Canadian scientist has captured the first images of a black-furred Canadian lynx (‘Lynx canadensis’).

The sighting occurred in August 2020 when wildlife biologist Thomas Jung stumbled upon the unusual creature in rural Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, and was reported in a Mammalia magazine article published In the past week.

It should be noted that the Canadian lynx usually has silver or grayish fur on winter, which may change to reddish brown speckled with black spots during summer. Therefore, the black fur of this species, known as melanism, is very rare.

It is unknown whether or not the dark color favors the survival of the animal, although Jung believes which could be a disadvantage when hunting hares during the winter.

In the video of 20 seconds, the feline was seen at a distance of 50 meters and was unaffected by the presence of humans and a dog until it left the area, possibly due to the barking of the dog .


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