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“Everyone down, nothing happens”: A primary school teacher reassures her students during a shooting in Mexico (VIDEO)


The scene was recorded by herself in a video that quickly spread through social networks.

A primary school teacher in the Mexican municipality of Empalme, in the state of Sonora, tried to reassure her students during the shooting

that occurred a few meters from the establishment. The scene in which the minors, with a bewildered face, follow his instructions to protect herself, it was recorded by herself and the video was quickly shared on social networks.

The teacher asked the children to crouch down and not move. “Everyone down, everyone down, nothing happens”, said the teacher with a calm voice to reassure the children. “It’s going to happen right now, we just have to be downstairs” , she continues, while gunshots can be heard up close high caliber. “Silence, because we have to listen”, orders the teacher so they don’t get upset.

According to the authorities of the Ministry of Security Public of the state of Sonora, it was a direct attack against three men who were traveling in a vehicle near the school facilities, of which one died and two were injured .

This same week, another video in which a teacher, also from elementary school, performs a drill with his students to prepare them in the event of a shooting near his school, caused outrage not only among users of social networks, but also among educational authorities, who considered that this type of dramatization does not contribute to the safety of minors.


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