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Environmental groups sue the US Government for the more than 3,500 concessions granted in two states for the exploitation of hydrocarbons


According to the complaint, the emissions of thousands of tons of greenhouse gases that would be produced by the extraction of gas and oil in the concession lands would affect populations of threatened and endangered species.

A coalition of environmental groups, made up of the Center of Biological Diversity and Wildearth Guardians, presented this Wednesday a lawsuit against the Joe Biden Administration to block the thousands of exploration concessions granted to the hydrocarbon industry and that put at risk the continuity of some species in danger of extinction.

The complaint, filed with the intention of detaining more than 3,500 permits granted to energy companies to drill for oil and gas fields in the states of Wyoming and New Mexico, points out that these violate a series of federal laws, including the Endangered Species Act.

According to environmentalists, the exploitation of all these lands could release into the atmosphere up to 600 million of metric tons of greenhouse gases e greenhouse effect, which represents a threat to about 150 species vulnerable and endangered, such as Hawaiian songbirds, ice seals or polar bears, among others.

“Fossil fuels are driving the extinction crisis [de especies], and the Territorial Administration Office is making things worse by not protecting these endangered species”, stated Brett Hartl, director of government affairs for the Center for Biological Diversity.

The production of oil and gas on US federal lands, points out the environmental organization, emits 400 million tons of carbon dioxide, which represents about 8% of all climate pollution from burning fossil fuels in the US, and about 1% of global greenhouse gas pollution.

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