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Employees at an Apple branch approve forming the company's first union in the US.


In May, the The group explained that their initiative is to have access to rights that they do not have as workers, but they stressed that they did not intend to “create a conflict with management.”

Employees of an Apple branch in The US approved on Saturday to create the company’s first union in the country.

Of the 110 workers at the Apple store in Towson (Maryland), 65 spoke in favor and 33 against the new union called AppleCORE (Organized Coalition of Employees Retail).

“We did it Towson! We won our union vote! Thank you to everyone who worked so hard and everyone who supported! Now we celebrate. Tomorrow we continue organizing”, wrote the group on their Twitter account.

Employees will now join the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAM), one of the largest industrial unions in North America which has approximately 600,000 members, mostly in the US and Canada.

“I applaud the courage shown by the members of CORE at the Apple store in Towson for achieving this historic victory”, expressed the president of IAM, Robert Martinez Jr., through a statement. “They made a huge sacrifice for thousands of Apple employees across the country who had all the eyes on this election,” he added. He also called on Apple CEO Tim Cook to “respect the results” of the vote and “accelerate a first contract for employees.”

Last May, store employees explained in a letter open to Cook that his initiative is to have access to rights that as workers they do not have , but stressed that it was not intended to “create a conflict with management.” “We ask that you voluntarily acknowledge our union so that we can begin to work together as equals in a spirit of cooperation and collaboration,” they noted.

This is not the first time that employees at an Apple store tried to unionise. Earlier this month, the company’s Atlanta branch was to be the tech firm’s first US store to hold a union election, but the workers withdrew their request, arguing that “Apple has carried out a systematic and sophisticated campaign to intimidate them and interfere with their right to form a union”.


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