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Elon Musk's father criticizes him saying he is not proud of him

Errol Musk said he was proud and happy about his second son, Kimbal.

Elon Musk’s father, Errol, has criticized his billionaire son saying “not to be proud” of him because the Musk family “has done a lot of things for a long time”. a lot of interesting things, but Elon really exceeded all expectations ,” Errol said this Monday in an interview with the Australian broadcaster KIIS 1065.

The interviewee believes that the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX is not so happy as he would like, and also considers that his successes came too late. “[Elon] sometimes feels like he’s underachieving. He feels like he’s falling behind,” he added.

Errol Musk’s Pride

Furthermore, Errol stated that he was proud of his second son, Kimbal, who is also a billionaire, although his heritage is not comparable to Elon’s. “ He is my pride and joy , Kimbal,” he asserted.

Furthermore, he characterized his two sons as “stoic” and “cold”. “Kimbal managed to find a girl. She goes with him everywhere, so he is very lucky, and that makes me happy,” he commented. As for the richest man in the world, Errol Musk expressed concern, because his sentimental relationship would not be appropriate . “He has to find a woman who is willing to leave what she does and that’s not easy,” he concluded.


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