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Elon Musk sells 30,000 perfumes that smell like burnt hair in less than a week


Each bottle of the fragrance was sold for 100 dollars through the website of his construction company, Boring Co.

There is no doubt that Elon Musk is capable of selling practically any product, and he proved it once again with his ‘Burnt hair’ perfume line, which sold out just six days after its launch, the tycoon announced this Tuesday.

The first 30.000 vials of “Essence of Disgusting Wish”, as was promoted, they sold for 100 dollars each at through the website of Boring Co., the infrastructure and tunnel construction company owned by the billionaire.

Musk announced the launch of “the best fragrance on Earth” on 12 October. “Buy ‘Burnt hair’ from a company that digs holes!”, He wrote when announcing the product.

This is not the first time that the businessman has sold ‘joke’ products , which his fans buy as collectibles. For example, at 2022 Boring Co. collected 12 millions of dollars for tests in the construction of tunnels selling ‘anti-zombie’ flamethrowers.

Furthermore, ” the perfume merchant,” as Musk identifies himself on Twitter, has sold “boring” baseball caps in honor of his construction company, as well as “Teslaquila,” a tequila produced by Tesla, and “shorts” symbolizing his victory over investors who did not believe in the success of their car company.

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