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Elon Musk considers the Earth to be “basically empty”, contrary to what urban people believe


Musk has denounced in several times the decline in the birth rate as one of the biggest problems facing humanity.

The CEO of SpaceX and Tesla , Elon Musk, assures that people who live in cities think that the Earth is “full” of people, when in fact it is “basically empty”.

“Humans are absurdly concentrated on a small percentage of the Earth’s surface. It’s because that people in cities think the Earth is ‘full’ of people, when in fact it’s basically empty,” Musk wrote in response to a Twitter post about the low birth rate in the US

In previous comments, the tycoon said that South Korea and Hong Kong face a “population collapse“, and suggested that if Korea’s birthrates remain unchanged, the number of inhabitants of that country will be reduced to only “6% of its current population in three generations, with a majority of people older than 60 years “.

According to data from the World Bank, by 2020 the planet’s urban population represented 56% of the total, with North America being the most urbanized sector. Asia, which is the most populous continent in the world, had an urbanization of 52%, while in Africa, the second most populous continent, that segment represented 43%.

Musk has repeatedly called the declining birthrate one of the the biggest problems facing humanity, and has criticized the idea of ​​having fewer children to counteract the climate crisis. During a videoconference in mid-May, the businessman said that the world must not allow civilization “to be reduced to nothing”, noting that having children is “essential” to maintain it.


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