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Electric vehicles catch fire in Florida after the passage of Hurricane Ian (VIDEO)


“Salt water corrodes lithium batteries and causes fires,” local authorities explained.

Florida State Fire Chief Jimmy Patronis reported this Thursday reports of electric vehicle fires caused by their batteries, which were damaged by water after the passage of Hurricane Ian have been addressed.

“There are many electric vehicles in the Southwest in Florida and unlike a normal gasoline engine, salt water corrodes lithium batteries and causes fires ,” Patronis said, assuring that there is no history of electric vehicle fires in the US “as a result of salt water from storm surge.”

Furthermore, he indicated that they are currently in communication “with the fire crews in the area to see if additional assistance from the state is needed to respond to these potential fires.

The also director of the Florida Department of Financial Services reiterated that “special training and an understanding of electric vehicles are needed to ensure that these fires are put out quickly and safely “. So far, there is no official number of vehicles burned by the effects of Hurricane Ian.

Florida ranks second nationally in registration of this type of car, only behind California. Until last August, there were around 96,000 electric cars in Florida, compared to 58,000 from last year.

The increase in this type of vehicles on US soil is due, to a greater extent, to the policies of the administration of President Joe Biden, which are aimed at ensuring that, by 2030, 50% of new cars are fully electric.

In addition, during the signing of the Inflation Reduction Law, Biden tried to promote the use of electric vehicles, by integrating a tax credit of approximately 7,500 dollars for the sale of new units and $4,000 for used models. However, there are critics who argue that they are still expensive and unreliable.


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