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“Do you stop to think?”: Pope Francis draws attention to youth for the excessive use of cell phones

According to the pontiff, many people suffer from not understanding what they really want from their lives because, probably, they have never had contact with their deep desire.

Pope Francis drew the attention of young people to the danger of excessive use of cell phones, assuring that they can “stunt desire” and prevent people from appreciating what they really want.

“The times in which we live seems to favor the maximum freedom of choice, but at the same time atrophies desire, mostly reduced to the desire of the moment”, the pontiff said during the general audience this Wednesday before hundreds of faithful in St. Peter’s Square in the Vatican. “We are bombarded by thousands of proposals, projects, possibilities,” he added, so “we run the risk of being distracted and not allowing ourselves to calmly assess what we really want”.

Francisco warned that there are people who live in the moment without thinking about the future or valuing their dreams or desires. “Let’s think for example of young people with the phone in hand, they search, they watch videos. But, do you stop to think ?” he questioned. “If you live in the moment, satisfying yourself in the moment, you cannot grow,” he maintained.

According to the pope, many people suffer from not understanding what they really want from their lives because They have probably never made contact with their deep desire. “That’s where the risk comes from passing through existence between attempts and files of various kinds, never getting anywhere, wasting precious opportunities,” he said.

Likewise, he regretted that in the Today’s world sometimes “wanting to do becomes an illusion” and criticized the attitude of continually complaining. “Be careful because regrets are a poison for the soul and life, they do not let the desire to move forward grow “, he warned.


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