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Demand for bulletproof backpacks grows by 800% in Texas


The boom in sales was observed as a result of the shooting on Tuesday at a primary school in the city of Uvalde, which left 21 dead.

American manufacturers of bulletproof backpacks have A drastic increase in demand has been observed after the deadly mass shooting recorded this Tuesday at Robb Elementary in Uvalde, Texas.

The company Leatherback Gear saw an 800% increase in sales of backpacks designed to protect wearers from bullets , revealed to TMZ its founder Mike De Geus, a former US Secret Service agent who was in charge of protecting former presidents Donald Trump, Barack Obama, George Bush and Bill Clinton.

The most popular model turned out to be the smallest and most affordable, at $249.99, which, like the other backpacks, separates into two pieces to cover not only the back, but also the chest.

Another maker of bulletproof backpacks, Texas-based TuffiPacks, saw a 300% increase in the sale of its armor inserts, which can be placed in any bag, said company owner Steve Naremore.

The boom in demand for backpacks bulletproof has also been noticed by the company Guard Dog Security. Its president Yasir Sheikh told TMZ that they donate part of their profits to the Make Our Schools Safe organization, founded by the parents of a student who died in the Parkland, Florida, shooting in 2018.

  • This Tuesday’s shooting took the lives of 19 children and two adults, making this school massacre the deadliest in Texas history and second in number of fatalities among those that occurred in schools nationwide. The attacker, Salvador Ramos, 18, was shot down by the agents.

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