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Delta Air Lines offered $10,000 to passengers on an overbooked flight for leaving their seat


Although some of the company’s users considered that the figure was exorbitant, especially considering that the flight was just over 700 kilometers, the statutes of the company allow to pay such amounts in this type of situation.

The US airline Delta Air Lines would have offered up to 10,000 dollars to passengers from a local flight to stop traveling after the company oversold the seats. The incident occurred recently during a boarding at the airport in Grand Rapids (Michigan), one of the passengers told in a column for the technology magazine Inc.

According to Jason Aten, the The crew of the flight to Minneapolis, a Minnesota city just over 700 kilometers from the airport of origin, announced that they were looking for eight volunteers to release their seats in exchange for monetary compensation. “If they have Apple Pay [mobile wallet], even they will have the money right now,” Aten writes, quoting words from a flight attendant.

Other passenger corroborated Jason’s account and detailed, in dialogue with the Fortune publication, that Delta employees had begun their offer at $5,000, while passengers waited to board at the boarding gate. Shortly after, the proposal was for 7,500 dollars, and seeing that there were no interested parties, they offered 10,000. Finally, eight people accepted the money, but not right away, and the flight ended up taking off with a 20-minute delay.

Fortune contacted a Delta spokesperson, who was He refused to confirm or deny that his staff had $10,000 per seat. However, he explained that the ability to provide compensation allows airline employees to “take care” of their customers

and guarantee the timely departure of their planes.

Although the figure offered by the company has been exorbitant for some of its users, especially for such a short journey, it is allowed according to its parameters. In a leaked Delta bulletin in 2017, it is stipulated that the payment amount for voluntary denied boardings can vary between $2,000 and $9,950

. Higher figures require certain rules and requirements, the document underlines.

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