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David Beckham's son joins the dangerous viral challenge of eating a fried potato seasoned with the “hottest peppers on the planet”


Medical experts warn that the popular challenge can have serious consequences, but many people continue to try the extremely spicy ‘chip’ to gain fame on social networks.

Brooklyn, the eldest son of the famous former British soccer player David Beckham, participated two days ago in a popular viral challenge known as ‘One Chip Challenge’. The young man ate a fried potato seasoned with the “hottest peppers on the planet”

, as the Carolina Reaper and the Scorpion supposedly are. A video published on social networks shows that while eating the ‘chip’, Brooklyn, aged 23 began to cry and He immediately drank a glass of milk, in an attempt to calm the burning caused by the peppers.

The challenge continues to circulate on different social networks, which consists of eating a single Paqui brand potato chip, and refraining from drinking any liquid or eating anything else for as long as possible. Many videos about it have gone viral on TikTok.

For example, that of a user identified as @justinhanjob, who underwent the challenge, was viewed 8.6 million times and got 1.7 million ‘likes’.

Another recording, by @hotsauceboss, shows how this user eats one after another six of those spicy fries produced in different years (from 400 to 2022) to decide which is the hottest. He often declares himself ‘a professional’ and advises others not to try to do the same. In addition, he wrote that he “had people there to help him, just in case.” The video accumulated 5.7 million views.

@hotsauceboss Six chip challenge! This might be the only time you will ever see this challenge. All 6 years of the #onechipchallenge in a row to decide which one is the hottest. This was 5 hours ago and I am fine. There was never a concern for my health, and I had people there to assist me just in case. No adverse reactions occurred and no medical assistance was needed. I went to work and I’m in the middle of a full day at @iBurn®️ ♬ Six Chip Challenge – Hot Sauce Boss

Given the popularity of the challenge, doctors warn that these ‘chips ‘ and other strong spicy products are dangerous, since they can cause a burn in internal organs and a terrible abdominal pain that lasts several hours. The Carolina Reaper and Scorpion mix is ​​400 times hotter than a jalapeño.


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