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Custom lock screen, message editing and a function to protect victims of domestic violence: this is Apple's new iOS 16


The system will also allow you to cancel sent messages, in addition to marking conversations as unread to remember to answer them later.

Apple presented this Monday the new generation of its iOS 16 operating system with a series of novelties for your mobile devices.

One of the main features consists of a totally renewed lock screen, where you can place interactive ‘widgets’ such as weather, calendar, battery levels, alarm or time zones.

Another new feature for the lock screen is Live Activities, which will allow you to pin different app activities. Thus, users will be able to keep abreast of things that happen in real time, such as a sports result or a food delivery order without the need to unlock the phone.

The lock screen can also be customized and its design changed: choose the font, color, clock size and even choose layers so that the clock is seen behind the figure that is in the foreground of the image of background to not cover it.

Notifications will also appear differently on the lock screen and will be seen at the bottom of the panel instead of piling up in the center.

iOS 16 will allow edit and cancel sent messages, as well as mark conversations as unread to remember to answer them later.

The new version of the operating system will also include a better way to compa Take photos with people close to you . Thus, the whole family can share the photos in a separate iCloud library where they can add, delete, edit or mark shared images or videos as favorites.

an account for a minor with the parental controls. For example, when a child asks for more screen time, parents can approve or deny it.

Another novelty announced by Apple is the possibility of cut objects or people from an image automatically, isolating them from the background, and then paste them into other applications. In the demo, a dog was cut out of an image, and its silhouette was shared in an iMessage without using any additional apps or tools.

Among other things, iOS 16 —whose launch is expected in the fall after passing the beta testing phase— will allow interact with text in videos, to select, copy or translate what is selected.

Furthermore, the new Safety Check function is announced, with the aim of protecting users who may be victims of domestic violence, allowing them easily revoke access to certain information, such as location, that they have previously shared with another person.


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