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Cristiano Ronaldo's defense seeks more than 600,000 dollars in compensation from the ex-model's lawyer who sued him for rape


The petition is addressed to the American judge Jennifer Dorsey, who in early June dismissed Kathryn Mayorga’s lawsuit against the striker for a alleged sexual assault at a Las Vegas hotel in 2009.

Lawyers representing soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo have asked the US Justice to order the legal representative of the former model, who sued him for rape, the payment of more than 626,000 dollars to the Portuguese star.

In a court document, to which the AP agency had access, Peter Christiansen, a lawyer who defends the player, assures that Leslie Mark Stovall, attorney for Kathryn Mayorga —who accused Ronaldo of raping her in Las Vegas in 2009 —, must be responsible for the court costs and attorneys’ fees of his client.

The The petition is addressed to US District Court Judge Jennifer Dorsey, who earlier this month dismissed Mayorga’s lawsuit against the Manchester United striker for alleged sexual assault. In her decision, the magistrate ruled that Stovall, representing the plaintiff, acted “in bad faith” and used “stolen” confidential documents, which harmed the footballer.

Stovall must take personal responsibility to ensure that Ronaldo is reimbursed for having to defend himself of his vexatious conduct and bad faith”, indicates Christiansen’s request, who calculates between e 350 and 850 dollars per hour for the fees of the lawyers, who would have invested some 1,200 hours in the case. Stovall must respond to the court by July 8.

The reimbursement requested by Christiansen far exceeds the payment of 375,000 dollars that Mayorga received from Ronaldo in 2010 to close an out-of-court confidentiality agreement, in which he also promised to withdraw the criminal complaint. However, in 2018, the woman filed a civil lawsuit in Las Vegas, alleging that she was “mentally incapacitated” when she accepted the deal and that she signed it under duress.

With the lawsuit for damages closed and transferred to a federal court in 2019, Mayorga sought to claim a total of 78 million dollars. Ronaldo repeatedly denied the accusations, arguing that the sexual relations they had were consensual.


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