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Colombia declares Caribbean cumbia as national heritage


This was announced by Minister Patricia Ariza at the José Barros Palomino National Cumbia Festival in the municipality of El Banco, in the department of Magdalena.

Colombia designated the traditional cumbia of the Caribbean as cultural heritage, in an effort to recognize a manifestation full of wealth in the north of the South American country.

Within the framework of the Festival National Cumbia in the municipality of El Banco, in the department of Magdalena, the Minister of Culture, Patricia Ariza, announced that the National Council of Cultural Heritage (CNPC) issued a resolution favorable to the registration of the traditional cumbia of the Colombian Caribbean in the Representative List of Cultural Heritage.

Cumbia is the heritage of all Colombians and all Colombians, deserves a place in the history of Colombia and an important consideration in the culture,” said Ariza on Sunday during an act of the Festival.

For its part, the Ministry of Culture stressed that cumbia is the “result of the meeting and miscegenation between indigenous, African and European people.” Likewise, the portfolio emphasized that the history of cumbia helped to consolidate “the identity of the peoples of the Colombian Caribbean, and in general of the nation.”

“Cumbia is a cultural manifestation that brings together the musical genre, dance, as well as the set of practices and traditions linked to its development, such as clothing, the manufacture of handcrafted instruments, rituals and parties,” the Ministry added on its Twitter account.

With the declaration of the traditional Caribbean cumbia as a national heritage, the musicians, composers, dancers, choreographers and artisans who have made it possible for “this art to be part of of the country’s history”, explained the Ministry of Culture.

Cultural heritage

In this way, the Caribbean cumbia was added to the representative list of cultural heritage, which includes the town of Palenque de San Basilio (Department of Bolívar), which is called “a place of Africa in Colombia”; and the marimba music and traditional songs from the South Pacific of Colombia, which is part of the inhabitants of the rivers and jungles of the departments of Nariño, Cauca and Valle del Cauca.


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