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China organizes an air-naval patrol unit around Taiwan


The Chinese People’s Liberation Army reaffirms its readiness to thwart “any interference by external forces and separatist attempts” on the island.

The People’s Army The Chinese Liberation Army (PLA) organized a joint patrol of its aviation and naval fleet in the Taiwan area, said Shi Yi, spokesman for the Chinese Eastern Theater Command on Wednesday.

According to the spokesman, quoted by the country’s official military portal, the patrol unit was created “recently” and has the objective of “combat readiness for multiple services in maritime space and air”.

The measure has to do with the tension observed lately around the island, considered by Beijing as an integral part of China. The PLA has once again pledged to counter any attempt to make Taiwan independent.

“Theater troops they continue to strengthen their military training and preparations, improve their ability to perform their missions, and resolutely thwart any interference from outside forces and separatist attempts,” the statement said.

This Monday, Taiwan’s Ministry of Defense reported that 30 Chinese military aircraft entered the southwestern part of its air defense identification zone (ADIZ). This is the largest entry of planes from Beijing to that area since last January 23, when Taipei reported the incursion of 39 aircraft.

A day later, this Tuesday, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi warned that “the US will harm itself” if it does not change its position on Taiwan and does not adhere to the one-China principle. “Sino-US relations cannot deteriorate any further The right decision must be made: correct the strategic cognition and abandon the mentality of the Cold War, consolidate the political base and properly handle differences, get out of the logic of competition and enhance exchanges and cooperation,” Wang said in his speech.

Although Washington does not recognize Taiwan —which has governed itself since 1949 with its own administration, as an independent country—, it maintains a policy of strategic ambiguity towards the island, reserving the right to maintain special relations with Taipei, which, in his opinion, makes its own decisions.


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