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Car collides with Japan's oldest toilet


The toilet damaged by a man working on heritage conservation is part of the Tofukuji temple built in the 15th century and considered a cultural heritage of the country.

An employee of the Kyoto Heritage Preservation Association accidentally crashed his car into the oldest toilet in Japan. The establishment, preserved as a cultural heritage, was built in the early fifteenth century and is part of the Tofukuji temple.

The accident occurred when the man stepped on the accelerator without noticing that it was on. reverse gear.

As a result, the original door and walls were damaged. There were no casualties and the driver himself was uninjured.

Toshio Ishikawa, director of the Tofukuji Research Institute, promised that the damage caused by the collision would be repaired by the New Year, according to Sankei.

The toilet in question is a spacious room with holes in the floor, similar to latrines.


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