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British employer sacked for handing over ancient multimillion-dollar artifact to stranger


It is a Tudor period mantelpiece in “excellent condition”, valued at over $6.3 million, which, however, was granted to an ordinary citizen for a nominally low price.

A British man, who served as a concierge in an old mansion, was fired for turning over a Tudor period (1485-1603) mantelpiece valued at over $6.3 million to a stranger after discarding it as “garbage” , according to the former employee, quoted by local media during a labor court.

Brian Wilson, a former caretaker at Seighford Hall, a historic house in the town of Stafford dating back to the 16th century, lost his job in November 2020 after employers discovered the man had let a passerby keep a 460-year-old artifact bearing the royal coat of arms of Queen Elizabeth I.

Wilson claimed to have thought that the oak shelf was covered in woodworms and rotten by fungus, so he decided to take it outside and place it in a pile of junk destined to be burned, when a man passing through the area asked to pick her up for a nominal fee.

” I let him take it, since for me it would be less trash to throw away,” Wilson explained to the judge.

After having kept the piece for more than a year in order to cut it down and use it for firewood, the mantel’s new owner was warned by a historian that the piece was extremely valuable and could be sold for a good price. The man then took it to a local auction, which confirmed that it was a “sensational” find and added that it was in “minimal damage” and in a ” excellent condition for its more than 400 years”.

Wilson, for his part, was fired for “serious misconduct”, after failing to attend a disciplinary hearing related to the disappearance of the artifact, but ended up winning the labor lawsuit after a judge qualified the dismissal as unjustified.


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