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Boric acknowledges that “speeches are not enough” to meet the demands in force three years after the social outbreak in Chile


The president admitted that the government has to make “better public policies.”

On the third anniversary of the social unrest in Chile, President Gabriel Boric recognized that many of the the demands raised during the massive demonstrations across the country.

On the eve of a commemoration day with new protests, the president assured that his government has to “take charge” of the “demands and the discomfort expressed by the people”, as of October 2019 , and that could not be settled after the defeat of the Approval in the Plebiscite for a new Constitution.

“We have to work to attend to people’s emergencies, security emergencies, the rising cost of living, health, pensions and in that we cannot fail them ,” said the head of state during an official act at the opening of the Quillota-Petorca Biprovincial Hospital, in the Valparaíso Region.

For the former leader of the student movement that promoted a large part of the protests against the Government of Sebastián Piñera, his administration must be able to “take” these demands and “make better public policies.” “ Grandiloquent speeches are not enough” , he affirmed.

On the other hand, Boric questioned conservative sectors that, in his opinion, intend to make “believe that nothing happened” during the conflict.

For this Tuesday, at least 20 marches in various parts of Chile, which will commemorate the social outbreak that began on 18 October 2019, this time, without restrictions due to the pandemic and under a progressive government.

Meanwhile, some 25.10 carabineros will be deployed throughout the country during the day of marches, at a time when the discharge of Boric reached 33%, the lowest measurement since the president took office last 00 from March, according to the weekly survey Plaza Pública Cad em de Chile.

The report also recorded that the president’s disapproval went from 60% in the previous week to 65% in the last week, the worst so far in his term.


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