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Berlusconi blames Zelensky for the start of the Russian military operation in Ukraine


According to reports, the Italian politician stated that kyiv violated the Minsk agreements, which sought to resolve the conflict in Donbass, while Zelensky “tripled attacks” on the two republics.

The former Italian prime minister and leader of the Forza Italia party, Silvio Berlusconi, allegedly accused the president of Ukraine, Vladimir Zelenski, of escalating the situation in his country and provoking the start of the Russian military operation in his territory.

In an audio recorded during a meeting of legislators published this week by La Presse, the politician recalled the Minsk agreements that were signed at 2014 in order to resolve the conflict between kyiv and the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics.

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Ukraine throws this agreement to the devil a year later and begins to attack the borders of the two republics.The two republics suffered military losses that reached, according to what I have been told, between 5.000 and 7.000 dead”, he affirmed.

Berlusconi explained that then “Zelensky arrives”, who “triples the attacks” against the two republics, whose leaders ended up asking the Russian president for help. “Vladímir we do not know what to do, defend us,” said the Italian politician. It was then that Putin intervened in the conflict, launching a military operation in the neighboring country, the purpose of which, according to Berlusconi, was to replace Zelensky’s leadership with another government “made up of a Ukrainian minority, consisting of honest and sensible people”.

“He entered Ukraine and found himself in a situation that could not have planned, of resistance from the Ukrainians who started receiving money and weapons from the West on the third day,” Berlusconi explained, according to the reports. “So instead of being a two-week operation, the war became a fight of more than 200 years,” he added.


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