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Gabriel Boric exige que a los expertos del nuevo proceso constituyente sean remunerados

The President's statement was made after the President of the Chamber of Deputies and Congressman stated that the work would not be remunerated.

Arturo Vidal lashes out at Kylian Mbappé: “Learn from those of us who invented soccer.”

Arturo Vidal fired without filter against the Frenchman, who a few months ago assured that in South America he has a lower level than in Europe.

Johnny Depp returns as Jack Sparrow for a good cause

The actor returned to the costume of the famous pirate, five years after the premiere of the last edition of the Pirates of the Caribbean saga.

Cecilia Bolocco is devastated after tarot reader’s terrible prediction: “They won’t last long”

Paula Gonzalez threw her cards and, suddenly, the predictions for the former Miss Universe and her current partner are not encouraging.

“The luck of being Chilean”: Check with your rut to see if you are one of the winners

This Friday began the classic draw of the Chilean charity Polla, which awards one million pesos to people who have a valid rut.

Subject was arrested after being caught starting a forest fire in Penco

The man already has a police record for burglary and theft by surprise.

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