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Archaeologists discover 317 relics in a Lao temple (more than half are gold)


The artifacts were found under the central hall of a 12th-century Hindu temple.

A South Korean cultural heritage research team discovered 317 relics, 237 of which they are made of gold, in addition to crystals of various colors, in a temple in the Champasack province of Laos.

The discovery represents a significant archaeological achievement in a region of ancient Khmer Empire , a powerful kingdom whose territory grouped together what are now the territories of Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, part of Burma and Malaysia.

Another find that draws the attention of the academic world is an unusual silver Buddhist statue unearthed from a Hindu temple that could date from the 17th century, indicates the South Korean agency Yonhap.

All the pieces were recovered during the excavations of the ‘basement‘ of a ruined shrine of the Hong Nang Sida temple, which in Khmer means ‘ the great Princess Sida Building‘, according to the Cultural Heritage Administration and Cultural Heritage Foundation of South Korea.

The relics were found inside a cross-shaped well, 4.5 meters deep, located in the center of a large room and other small divisions. It is the first well of this type found in Laos, although similar ones have been found in temples of Angkor and Bayon in Cambodia, according to Jeon Yu-geun, deputy director of the foundation.

The Buddha figure was apparently one of the last artifacts placed in the central shaft of the temple before it collapsed. The research team will now evaluate the statue and perform radiocarbon dating to better understand when the structure collapsed.

On the other hand, rings consisting of 70-80% of gold, 15-25% silver and 3-7% copper, as well as various gold foil plates.

“If you look at the gold relics, it seems that they were made with different proportions of alloy depending on the nature of the item,” the expert noted.


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