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Apple could delay the launch of the iPhone 14 due to the visit of Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan

After that controversial trip, Beijing introduced certain regulations on the entry of merchandise from the island.

Apple will probably have to postpone the launch of its new phone model, the iPhone 14, as a result of the visit made to Taiwan by the Speaker of the US House of Representatives USA, Nancy Pelosi, reports the GSM Arena portal.

Taiwanese TSMC is the main chip supplier of the technology giant and sends those devices to another Taiwanese company, Pegatron, which handles assembling iPhones in China.

After Pelosi’s controversial trip, Beijing has drawn up new regulations prohibiting any mention of Taiwan or Republic of China on cargo shipping documents. In this way, any device manufactured on the island cannot enter mainland China , so the production of the iPhone 14 could be delayed.

A fierce trade war in the offing?

To make matters worse, Pegatron’s VP and top TSMC executives were at some of the meetings Pelosi held on the island. That could be just the beginning of a fiercer trade war between Beijing and Taipei, in which Apple and other US companies would be caught in the middle, says GSM Arena.

The Cupertino company is already in talks with its Taiwanese partners and has requested that remove or replace all labels with ‘Made in Taiwan’ or ‘Republic of China’. Apple usually presents the new version of its flagship product in mid-September.


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