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An event company in Scotland uses dancing as a source of renewable energy

The owners assure that this technology will allow them to completely turn off the gas boilers, thus reducing CO2 emissions.

The events company SWG3, based in the city of Glasgow (Scotland , United Kingdom), began using an innovative system that allows to trap the body heat of the attendees on the track of dance to heat and cool various areas of the complex, informs the company on its website.

The system called Bodyheat captures and converts the heat of the human body into a renewable energy source . The heat is transmitted through the dance floor and then a special carrier fluid takes it to wells located at 200 meters deep.

When it is required to use the energy, it goes to the heat pumps, which are heated to a suitable temperature and transferred to the premises of the complex.

David Townsend, founder of the company TownRock, which developed Bodyheat, told BBC News: “When I started If you dance to an average beat with the Rolling Stones or something like that, you can generate 250 watts.”

However, according to Townsend, if the crowd is pumped up properly, the system is capable of generating between 500 and 600 watts of thermal energy.

The owners of SWG3 assure that this innovative method will allow them to completely turn off the establishment’s gas boilers, reducing thus the carbon dioxide emissions in approximately 70 tons per year.

The company’s CEO, Andrew Fleming-Brown, revealed that it was committed to achieving “net zero” carbon emissions “ by 2025 through said system.

However, the installation of Bodyheat, which took three years, cost the company more than 600,000 pounds (more than 664,000 dollars), while using traditional heating methods, the costs would have been 10 times less.

“Someone has to make that first investment,” Fleming-Brown said, saying “it will hopefully pay off over time.” According to the director, this could happen in five years

He added that this method of extracting energy could eventually be used not only in Scotland, but throughout the world. “We are ready for everyone to come dance for the planet and create renewable heat with every hit,” Fleming-Brown concluded.


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