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An American who posed as a federal officer on TikTok is sentenced to 6 years in prison


The false identity was reported to the FBI by a woman who met the suspect through the platform and became romantically involved with him.

A man from Minnesota, USA ., accused of posing as a federal official on TikTok and illegally possessing firearms, was sentenced last week to six years in prison, the country’s Department of Justice reported.

Reyel Devon Simmons, 53, created an account on that platform with a false identity, calling himself ‘Rey Reves’. In videos he posted on TikTok, where he had nearly 10,000 followers, he identified himself as a federal agent and pretended to work for the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS), displaying badges and firearms .

As clarified American Justice, Simmons has never been an employee of the DHS , nor has he been a sworn agent of any federal, state, or local agency. “He has never had the authority to act on behalf of any federal agency or department,” the institution said in a statement.

The person who reported the defendant to the FBI last year was a woman who met him through TikTok and then began a romantic relationship with him. Both saw each other on several occasions, exchanging trips between Georgia, where the witness lived, and Minnesota.

According to the complaint, Simmons usually wore law enforcement clothing and he had a radio, which the woman believed he used to talk to other federal agents. In addition, he told the witness that he was working on an undercover mission.

The woman became suspicious of Simmons when she saw a comment on TikTok in which he said he was posing as a security officer. Upon finding out, Simmons made his account private, while the woman contacted a person who provided evidence of the man’s true identity.


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