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Amber Heard can't pay Johnny Depp $10 million in defamation damages


This was announced by the actress’s lawyer this Thursday during an interview.

Elaine Charlson Bredehoft, Attorney at Amber Heard , assured this Thursday in an interview for the NBC network program, ‘Today’, that her client is not able to cover the little more than 10 million dollars that she must pay her ex-husband, actor Johnny Depp, for having defamed him .

When asked expressly by the driver, Savannah Guthrie, if Heard could comply with the court order, the lawyer replied: “ oh no, absolutely not “, assuring that the actress plans to appeal the jury’s decision.

The court ruling obliges Heard to pay compensation of 10 million dollars in compensation and 5 million for punitive damages. However, the judge in charge of the case, Penney Azcarate, reduced this last amount to 350,000, in in accordance with the limit contemplated in the legal system of the state of Virginia.

Depp, 58, sued his ex-wife, 36, for defamation in relation to a 2018 article that Heard published in The Washington Post in which she claimed to have been a victim of domestic abuse, although she did not specify the name of her alleged abuser.

Originally, the protagonist of ‘Pirates of the Caribe’ demanded a reparation of 50 million dollars. According to him, it was his ex-wife who used violence in the residence they both shared in Los Angeles. For his part, Heard filed a lawsuit against Depp in which he demanded 100 million dollars in response to a few words from his lawyer, who called the woman’s accusations false, for which he was awarded 2 million dollars in reparations.

The trial, which began on April 11 in the city of Fairfax, is the second legal battle that the actor faces for defamation, after he lost a lawsuit against the British tabloid The Sun, which labeled him a “wife beater” after he a London judge ruled that he had repeatedly assaulted Heard.


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