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Amazon unveils its first “fully autonomous” mobile warehouse robot (VIDEO)

Publicado:22 jun 2022 06:25 GMT

E-commerce giant Amazon announced the implementation of the “first fully autonomous mobile robot,” intended to move large loads through its warehouses. The device called Proteus can move safely near employees, unlike some of the previous robots that operated in an enclosed area, where there were no people.

The U.S. company said the Proteus features “advanced safety, sensing and navigation technology.” A video from the firm shows the robots emitting a green light in front of them as they move. When a human appears in their path, the device stops and moves forward only when the person moves away.

In addition to Proteus, the company also announced the use of other robotic systems, including Cardinal, an automated arm capable of lifting and moving packages weighing up to 22 kilos.

In another video, Amazon shows a technology that could allow employees to dispense with manual scanners and instead use a camera system that can read barcodes.

So that the implementation of new mechanisms does not sow panic among workers, the company stated that it does not seek to build robots in order to stop hiring people. On the contrary, Amazon stated that, in this way, the company aims to improve safety and reduce the incidence of injuries in its warehouses.


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