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Amazon Acquires Major US Medical Services Chain for $3.9 Billion

“We see a lot of opportunities, both to improve the quality of [medical care] and to give people back valuable time,” said a company official.

The US technology giant Amazon announced this Thursday that it has reached an agreement to acquire the primary health care company One Medical for 3.9 billion dollars.

This major healthcare expansion, one of the largest in its history, will provide Amazon with a network of on-site offices, as well as access to the technology that the firm has created to facilitate virtual visits to doctors. The new options add to the suite of Amazon Care services, which includes an online pharmacy and an in-home and virtual urgent care program.

“We believe that healthcare is high on the list of experiences that need to be reinvented,” said Neil Lindsay, senior vice president of Amazon Health Services. “Asking for an appointment, waiting […] to be seen, taking time off work, […] waiting in the waiting room and then in the exam room to […] spend a few hurried minutes with a doctor […]: we see a lot of opportunities both to improve the quality of the experience and to give people back valuable time“, explained the manager.

One Medical provides “human and technology-centered primary care” through a network of offices located near workplaces. In addition, it is characterized by allowing its users to book appointments and track their medical records through an application.

Headquartered in San Francisco, the company has 188 offices in major metropolitan areas, including Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles and the District of Columbia, and employs 767,000 people.

“We love inventing to make what should be easy easier, and we want to be one of the companies that helps dramatically improve the healthcare experience for years to come,” Lindsay underlined.


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