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Alert in France before a possible shortage of milk

Such a scenario is due to the lack of forage caused by the drought that plagues the European country.

The French National Federation of Agricultural Unions (FNSEA for its French acronym) warned of a possible milk shortage in the coming months due to the drought plaguing the European country, informs Le Figaro.

The animals “that are usually in the meadows at this time of year have nothing to eat,” said the president of the FNSEA’s economic commission, Yannick Fialip. “To make milk, you need fodder, mainly alfalfa and corn, which have not grown much this year. So we run the risk of running out of milk this fall and winter,” he warned.

Before this situation, consumers fear a rise in milk prices. At the same time, farmers demand a “review” to “guarantee the sustainability of production,” said Fialip, noting that in France the price of the product is 20% lower than the one paid to other European producers, especially in Germany and the Netherlands.

For this reason, he urged to activation of the so-called “calamity fund “, which allows farmers to buy fodder subsidized by 50% by the Government.


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