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Air New Zealand, the first in the world to offer sleeping capsules to passengers in economy class


They will be installed on the 8 Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner that the airline will receive from the end of 2024.

Although the 'lie-flat' type seats, which can be placed in a completely horizontal position, as a bed, they already exist and are offered by several airlines, Air New Zealand will be the first in the world to offer a much more advanced rest and sleep option for economy class travelers.

In order to attract more passengers to its ultra-long-haul flights, of more than 17 hours, such as from Chicago or New York to Auckland, Air New Zealand will allow in 2024 economy class passengers to lie down and take a nap in special capsules, reports Bloomberg.

The novelty is as follows: premium and regular economy class passengers will be able to reserve, for an additional cost, 4-hour sessions in bunk-type sleeping capsules, which the airline has called 'skynest'. The rest of the trip will continue to use their conventional economy class seats.

The 'economy skynest' will measure more than 2 meters long and 58 cm wide and include a mattress and sheets, which will be changed after each session. Each place will be separated from the next by a curtain. Each capsule will be equipped with a privacy curtain, reading lights, USB charger and ventilation.

The first capsules (six units) will be installed in the eight Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner that Air New Zealand will receive from the end of 2024.


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