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African Union President Urges Lifting of Sanctions on Russian Wheat and Fertilizers


Likewise, Macky Sall affirmed that Vladimir Putin expressed “his availability to facilitate the export of Ukrainian cereals.”

The holder of The African Union (AU) and, at the same time, the president of Senegal, Macky Sall, urged this Friday to remove the restrictions that prevent the export of Russian wheat and fertilizers.

In a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Sochi, the Senegalese leader noted that sanctions against Russia have cut off African countries’ access “to grain, especially Russian wheat and, most importantly, importantly, to fertilizers”.

“There are two main problems: the crisis and sanctions. We have to work to solve these two problems and thus eliminate sanctions on food products, in particular grains and fertilizers,” said Sall.

Shortly after the meeting, the Senegalese leader tweeted: “President Putin has expressed his availability to us to facilitate the export of Ukrainian grain. Russia is ready to ensure the export of its wheat and fertilizers.”

” I ask all partners to lift the sanctions on wheat and fertilizers”, he added.

Sall’s stance reflects the “commitment of the continent,” one of his advisers said in a commentary to Jeufe Afrique magazine, speaking on condition of anonymity. He indicated that, despite pressure from the West, half of the African countries refrained from condemning the Russian military operation in Ukraine.

Africa reached a common position in early May, says the informant. According to his words, this shared position was reached regarding the conflict between Russia and Ukraine due to the need for African countries to make their voices heard and thus express the concerns of the continent, whose food security depends largely on these two countries. This same Friday, Putin blamed Western countries for aggravating the world food crisis.

Likewise, he said that the problems around the food supply began to occur during the pandemic, before the Russian military operation in Ukraine began.

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