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A US media broadcasts talks between Israel and Saudi Arabia


The conversations address the Israeli airline flights and control of two islands of strategic importance in the Red Sea, according to competent sources.

Saudi Arabia and Israel are filing ” serious talks”, and accept the mediation of the United States to bring their positions on security and business matters closer together, The Wall Street Journal published.

The talks are kept secret, and seek to achieve strategic stability in the region, while, at the official level, these two Middle Eastern countries have not yet established diplomatic relations.

First of all, the compromise between the two assumes that Riyadh would allow the use of its airspace

to Israeli planes. The Saudi authorities have already cleared the way for some citizens of Israel, who were previously banned from traveling, to go there for meetings to deepen bilateral trade ties.

For their part, the Israeli authorities are expected to approve full Saudi control over the Sanafir and Tiran Islands, to close the accesses to the Gulf of Aqaba of the Red Sea, where Eilat is located, the only Israeli port on the shores of that sea.

Both islands they were in dispute for decades between the Arabian kingdom and Egypt, while Israel occupied them militarily during the Suez crisis (1956), and after the Six-Day War, from 1967 to 1982, for being strategically important for navigation. Until today, these two territories have hosted an international force.

The North American newspaper believes that these contacts could ‘reshape’ politics in the Middle East, and put an end to decades of enmity between the two most influential nations in the region.


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