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A Ukrainian shell hits near a bus with passengers in Donetsk (VIDEO)


Two people were injured in the attack.

A projectile hit this Monday near a bus with passengers in the middle of the attack of the Ukrainian forces against the city of Donetsk. As a result, two people were injured, reported the mayor of the city, Alexei Kulemzin, a figure that the Territorial Defense Headquarters of the Donetsk People’s Republic raised to three.

After the bombing, the bus continued to circulate with the passengers, with broken glass and glass fragments scattered on the ground. According to one of the passengers, the attack took place while the vehicle was passing near a public transport stop.

The day before, a Ukrainian shell hit the Donetsk Administration building, leaving five injured. According to the Joint Center for Control and Coordination of the Ceasefire Regime, a total of three projectiles, including the one that hit the administrative headquarters, were launched from the city of Kurakhovo.

To carry out the attack, the Ukrainian military used HIMARS rocket launchers, provided to kyiv by Washington.

Intensified Attacks

Ukrainian attacks against Russian territory have intensified in recent days, which have affected critical and civilian infrastructure.

Last Friday, several private houses and a power line were affected in a village in Belgorod province, which was left without power, as were four other villages.

The increase in attacks takes place after Russia launched last week launches of missiles that hit kyiv, the Ukrainian capital, as well as different cities throughout the country. The Russian bombings occurred two days after the explosion recorded on the Crimean bridge, described by the country’s president, Vladimir Putin, as a terrorist attack perpetrated by Ukraine.


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