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A spectacular accident in the NASCAR series almost ended in a fight between drivers (VIDEO)


The incident was carried out by the drivers Bubba Wallace and Kyle Larson at the Las Vegas circuit (USA).

After being involved in an accident during the NASCAR series race held this Sunday in Las Vegas (USA), the pilot Bubba Wallace got out of his vehicle and physically confronted Kyle Larson, whom he blamed for the accident.

The incident was recorded after Larson tried to overtake Wallace on the inside of turn 3 and ended up touching his rival’s car, sending him into the retaining wall.

After colliding with the protection, Wallace hit the rear of Larson’s car, causing both drivers to lose control of the cars and crash into the wall.

After the incident, the Joe Gibbs Racing driver stormed towards Larson’s car and began to complain angrily about what had happened, until he finally pounced on the current champion of the competition, whom he pushed repeatedly.

Despite the provocations, the attacked man kept calm and did not escalate the situation, thus avoiding The confrontation ended in a fist fight.

“I saw him coming so I figured he would do something He had every right to be upset. I’d rather he does that [pelearse] than destroy our cars in a dangerous way”, commented Larson after the race.

For his part, given the accusations that Wallace intentionally collided with his car after hitting the wall, the pilot assured that it was not about any revenge and dismissed the conjectures.

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