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A Spanish horticulturist discovers a giant water lily, named as a new species (PHOTO)


‘Bolivian Victoria’, whose leaves grow up to three meters wide in nature, is now considered the largest water lily in the world .

Carlos Magdalena, Spanish horticulturist who works at the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew ( London, UK), has discovered a giant water lily, cultivated there, which has been named a new species, according to an article published Monday in the journal Frontiers in Plant Science.

The text indicates that the specimen belongs to the famous genus Victoria of giant water lilies and assures that it is the first of its kind found in the last hundred years, detailing that, to date, only two other species of plants in this group were known.

“It has a kind of aura”

Likewise, it indicates that the specimens of this species had been around for 177 years were deposited in the Herbarium of Ke w and 34 in the National Herbarium of Bolivia, but during all this time it was mistakenly believed that they belonged to ‘Victoria amazonica’.

“This plant, [which has been baptized as ‘Victoria Bolivian’], is so super iconic ,” Magdalena told the Efe news agency. “If you had to choose the ten most wonderful plants in the plant kingdom, this would always be there,” he added.

The scientist explained that the flowers of the water lily in question measure around 70 centimeters . Given the magnitude of the plant, he assures that birds make nests in it and even a person can be placed on it. “It has a kind of aura, of exoticism, there is nothing to compare it to,” he continued.

Originally from South America

Magdalena commented that, in Actually, this species originates ria from South America had already been discovered and drawn by the naturalist Tadeo Haenke during the Spanish expeditions of Malaspina in 1801, but it was never described as a scientific species.

“You have a sixth sense that tells you that something does not fit, but then, when you discover it, you can not even believe it. It’s so impressive […] Suddenly you discover something that really was already discovered but wasn’t discovered either “, he concluded.

The study highlights that the ‘Bolivian Victoria’ is now considered the largest water lily in the world. Its leaves grow up to three meters wide in its natural state, its white flowers turn pink and have spiny petioles.

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