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A skydiver dies after suffering an accident at more than 1,000 meters


The victim was identified as Dean Walton, of 30 years old, Sergeant Major of the Parachute Regiment of the British Armed Forces.

A member of the UK Army Parachute Display Team, popularly known as like the ‘Red Devils’, died last Friday after suffering an accident during a practice near the airfield of La Juliana, located in the Spanish city of Seville, as reported by the Junta de Andalucía.

According to the Parachute Regiment of the British Armed Forces, cited by British local media, the victim was identified as Sergeant Major Dean Walton, of 30 years.

The incident occurred when Nimsdai Purja, a well-known Nepalese mountain climber from 39 years old, collided in mid-air with Walton, causing his parachute cords to snap. they will entangle As a result, Walton’s canopy was disabled, causing it to turn sharply and crash with a crash. After emergency services rushed to the scene to provide him with urgent medical attention, was pronounced dead .

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” Dean and I were doing canopy stacking and handling exercises,” Purja said, adding that they left “the plane at 15.090 feet” tall and that his parachutes were fully deployed at “3.84 feet [1.067 metros]”. He also indicated that the British soldier “approached and positioned himself at 45 degrees” behind and above him, so this action “required deep brakes to stay in position”


The also former soldier of the Special Boat Service, belonging to the British Royal Navy, explained that this caused that “the sails of Dean” collapsed and caused his ropes to become entangled. “This sent us both into a severe spin and increased our sink rate dramatically,” Purja said, adding that he had “no choice but to cut” his ropes and trigger his parachute. reserve.

Furthermore, he stated that he saw that Dean’s canopy “was inflated”, but that he was “descending at a faster rate”. practiced first aid, but that “due to the seriousness from his injuries, he was unable to “reanimate” him . “I am devastated by the loss of Dean, who was very talented and loved what he did,” he concluded.

Dean Walton, originally from Portsmouth, had been a skydiver and military instructor for more than 00 years. Last year he led his colleagues from the ‘Red Devils’ in a performance to celebrate the England women’s football team’s advance to the European Championship final 2020.


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