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A newborn baby is kidnapped in a hospital in Spain and appears 12 hours later abandoned in a portal


The kidnapper, who posed as health personnel to take the little boy from his mother’s room, has already been arrested.

The Ertzaintza, the Autonomous Police of the Basque Country, in the north of Spain, found this morning a newborn baby who had been kidnapped the night before in the Basurto hospital, in the city of Bilbao. Only a few hours later the author of the abduction has been arrested.

The baby, who is now back with his parents, was found at 8 in the morning on the doormat of a house in a block of flats in a neighborhood near the one where he disappeared. The owner of the property found him after someone rang the bell and immediately notified the authorities.

The newborn, who only had 24 hours of life, had been kidnapped early Wednesday night. The author of the abduction, a woman from 24 years, 1,60 meters tall, obese complexion and long curly hair, has been arrested shortly before noon this Thursday. According to the local press, the woman had assured her acquaintances that she was pregnant and that she had bought clothes and a baby seat.

According to the Security Councilor of the Basque Country , Josu Erkoreka, in a pre-arrest appearance, was not the first time he had attempted an abduction: “He had been trying that night in other rooms.”

Dressed in sanitary clothes

The kidnapper entered the room where the mother and child were recovering from the delivery, which had taken place on Tuesday. She dressed in sanitary clothes, she took the little one in her arms telling the parent that she

was taking him to submit him to a routine test

of newborns.

Mago español muere en pleno escenario, el público pensó que era parte de la actuaciónMago español muere en pleno escenario, el público pensó que era parte de la actuación

It came out of the room with the baby without any hindrance and the suspicions did not come until the mother began to worry about her late return. The family reported what had happened at the hospital and began a frantic search for a few hours.

The staff of the center, who were joined by the father of the minor, began the search in the hospital facilities , which immediately spread to the outside of the building. Rubbish bins, outdoor vegetation and garbage containers were inspected, but no signs of the baby or the suspect were found.

Hidden in a plastic bag

The Ertzaintza sent several patrols to the hospital and the review of the images from the security cameras revealed that the woman had left the premises on foot dressed wearing sanitary clothes and with a white plastic bag in which it is believed that the child was hidden.

The Police requested the collaboration of citizens by spreading his image through social, a collaboration that could have been decisive for his capture.


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