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A Neuralink rival completes the first human brain-computer interface implant in the US.


The device, designed for severely paralyzed patients, detects and wirelessly transmits intention to a motor, using a digital language.

The neurotechnology company Synchron, a rival of Neuralink (of Elon Musk), managed to complete the first human brain-computer interface (BCO) implant in the United States, according to a statement published this Tuesday.

Specifically, a Stentrode implant was inserted into the motor cortex of a patient’s brain, at through the jugular vein and through a minimally invasive endovascular procedure, performed at Mount Sinai West Hospital in New York.

Approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the implant detects and wirelessly transmits intent to an engine, using a proprietary digital language, to enable severely paralyzed patients to control personal devices with visual point-and-click hands-free operation.

The operation performed zada is part of a trial called COMMAND, which aims to study the impact that the device will have on the day-to-day life of the person who uses it. The goal is to allow you to lead a more independent life and perform, for example, everyday tasks such as texting and emailing or shopping online.

“An incredibly exciting milestone”

“This is an incredibly exciting milestone for this field, because of its implications and its enormous potential,” said Shahram Majidi, an assistant professor at the hospital’s Icahn School of Medicine and a neurosurgeon who conducted the intervention. He also explained that the implantation process went very well and that the patient was able to go home 48 hours after surgery.

For his part, David Putrino, director of innovation in rehabilitation of the Mount Sinai health system and principal investigator of COMMAND, agreed that they are all very excited about the operation, since, among other things, it will allow the patient to communicate with your family and friends.

“Our technology is for the millions of people who have lost the ability to use hands to control digital devices,” said Tom Oxley, founder and CEO of Synchron. “We are excited to bring to market a scalable ICO solution, which has the potential to transform so many lives,” he concluded.


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