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A military engineering unit that built bases in several Middle Eastern countries returns to the US


The military engineering corps based in Qatar participated prominently in the construction of infrastructure for the US Air Force in Iraq, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia and other nations in the area.

The engineering expeditionary unit of the US Air Forces (USAF) withdraws from the Al-Udeid air base in Qatar, Stars and Stripes, a US military magazine, reported on Tuesday. . Last weekend took place the ceremony that marked the end of the presence of that body, known for its outstanding role in the construction of the USAF infrastructure in Iraq, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia and other States in the region.

The reduction of the US military presence in the Middle East, which follows the withdrawal of its troops from Afghanistan, responds to a reassessment of priorities in Washington’s foreign policy, in favor of confrontation with Russia and China. “We have shifting priorities,” said Col. Anthony Figiera, director of the USAF’s central office for program management.

However, the fact that the expeditionary force is withdrawing of Qatar does not mean that the US is completely abandoning the Middle East. The Al-Udeid base will be renovated, which will allow Washington “to have a lasting presence in this theater of operations and show the Chinese and the Russians that we are not going anywhere,” Figiera explained. )

The withdrawal takes place in a context of worsening friction between the US and the Gulf monarchies, in particular with Saudi Arabia, due to the OPEC+ decision to reduce oil production by two million daily barrels. Thus, for example, this October 10 two US legislators, Ro Khanna, a member of the House of Representatives, and Senator Richard Blumenthal, proposed stopping the sale of weapons to Riyadh.


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