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A huge sunspot twice the size of Earth and will point towards our planet for several days


Solar flares likely to be produced by AR3038 can only cause brief radio blackouts.

The gigantic sunspot called AR3038 doubled its dimensions until reach 2.5 times the size of the Earth in just 24 hours, from June 19 to 20, informs portal.

This phenomenon consists of dark regions on the Sun’s surface where powerful magnetic fields, created by the flow of electrical charges from the plasma, are knotted before suddenly breaking, clarifies Live Science. When the resulting energy is released, bursts of radiation known as solar flares are released, which, in turn, generate explosive jets of solar material or coronal mass ejections.

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AR3038, 31,900 kilometers in diameter, forms near the solar equator and is oriented towards the Earth, which is suppose that it will take a little less than two weeks to go around the star and stop being in front of our planet, pick SpaceWeatherLive.

Currently, the spot is located slightly north of the equator and is already halfway there, so it will be pointing at Earth for a few more days.

Despite its extremely rapid growth, AR3038 poses no threat for the humanity. The explosions it will likely produce are ordinary, class Msolar flares, which “generally cause brief radio blackouts affecting to the polar regions of the Earth”, stated the European Space Agency.

Scientists believe that the largest solar storm recorded in contemporary history was the so-called Carrington event , 1859. After colliding with the planet, the powerful stream of solar particles burned the telegraphy systems around the world and caused the appearance of exclusively bright auroras. Astrophysicists warn that, today, in the event of a similar phenomenon, billions of dollars worth of damage will be caused by causing widespread blackouts.


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