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A hamster survives a trip to the stratosphere in a Japanese flying balloon


A hamster has successfully returned to Earth after being launched into the stratosphere by a flying balloon in an environment and pressure cabin controlled. This year the first release of a person is expected.

Japanese startup Iwatani Giken successfully conducted an experiment that launched a hamster into the stratosphere in a balloon inside an airtight plastic cabin. The experiment has been part of the project to take human tourists to the stratosphere in flying balloons, according to a company statement.

According to Iwatani Giken, the hamster was placed in a cabin airtight 60 cm high and 50 cm in diameter. The cabin was then placed in a balloon, which had an average rate of ascent of 6.3 meters per second. The experiment was carried out in the city of Miyakojima on June 9.

After reaching the maximum altitude of 23 km, in approximately one hour, the container with the rodent landed on a sea ​​area, where it was recovered by the special team.

From the measurement data, it was confirmed that the environment inside the cabin was maintained with an oxygen concentration of 23 to 25%, a temperature of 24 to 29 ºC and an internal pressure of 970 to 1,030 hectopascals throughout the duration of the experiment.

The Japanese start-up considers this experiment as an important milestone for the realization of his project of a “manned stratospheric flight in a balloon”. carry out manned voyages with people on board.


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