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A city in the US authorizes workers who cannot pay rent to sleep in cars


The rent of an apartment can exceed 50% of the monthly salary of local employees.

A program that allows workers who cannot pay the rent to sleep in their cars. rental of a home has started this Friday in Salida, Colorado (USA), reported local media.

The program Safe Outdoor Space ( SOS, for its acronym in English) was approved last month as a measure to preserve jobs in the city’s businesses with high rental costs.

Many restaurant employees or guides of tourists have trouble paying for a room in Chaffe County, where rent can be more than half the profits Monthly of the workers.

Therefore, they are forced to choose between trying their luck in other regions or staying and sleeping in their cars.

In In the United States there are numerous bans for camping on private property, urban areas or along highways, but the new program grants authorization to this practice and provides sanitary facilities, police surveillance and discounts for certain services such as laundry.

Meanwhile, the Betch organization, that manages the program, is collaborating with the municipal authorities is and the county to provide affordable housing for local employees, through subsidies, agreements with landlords on discounts and construction projects.


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