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A Chinese 'influencer' is accused of cooking and eating a protected white shark during a live broadcast


After the rain of criticism, the publication was deleted, as well as the rest of the videos shared by the ‘influencer’.

Authorities in Nanchong, Southwest China, are investigating a popular ‘ exotic food influencer’ who cooked and ate a shark believed to be an endangered species during a live broadcast.

The young woman, known as Tizi, owns million followers on Douyin and Kuaishou, China’s two major live streaming platforms. Some of the users who saw his latest and controversial video, published last Tuesday, thought that the animal could be a great white shark, a species protected by the country, so they alerted the Police.

After the rain of criticism , the video was removed from both platforms, as well as the rest of the videos published by the ‘influencer’.

According to local media reports, Tizi denies having consumed an endangered species of extinction and assures that it was a Legally purchased gray billed dogfish.

In fact, the video itself showed a notification saying that the animal was “bred in captivity and is edible.” However, many Internet users doubt the truth of this statement.

It is not the first time that Tizi’s videos have caused controversy. On other occasions, she has been seen consuming unconventional foods, such as a crocodile or a giant golden salamander.

After video platform censors began to focus on content showing the consumption of dangerously large amounts of food, many ‘influencers’ tried to gain clicks and followers by eating extremely unconventional food.


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